Lynx fairing iconDUAL SPORT FAIRING 

The Lynx is a steering based fairing designed to fit across a range of small to medium sized Dual-Sport motorcycles.   It is ruggedly build of Composite Materials to handle rough terrain.A45Q2594-350-down


Lynx FairingAimed at the 'distance rider', the Lynx and its accessories incorporates all of the features needed for long distance travel including the following:

  • Adjustable and Slide away windshield in your choice of Tint or Clear finish
  • ABS Dashboard for mounting both OEM & aftermarket instruments and switchgear.
  • Powerful twin Hella DOT compiant Rally lights


Lynx Fairing KitThere's a range of colours to choose the following motorcycles. 

Each kit includes a wiring harness and all mounting hardware.  Generic kits can be assembled for motorcycles not listed.


Contact us for your requirements. 

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Accessories & Upgrades

HID Lights
Headlight Protection
Power Sockets
  • Lynx HIDThere are two main benefits to adding HID lights to your Lynx.

    • Each light only requires 35w instead of 65w, leaving more electrical power for other accessories like heated gear
    • Each lamp will produce more light than the already powerful Halogens.

    HID ballasts are conveniently mounted at the bottom of the fairing.

    • Twin HID
    • $95.00 USD

  • Lynx Headlight protectors

    Lynx Headlight Protectors

    Fitting a guard over your lights is highly recommended for off road use and we offer two options.


    • Aluminum rock guard
    • $30.00 USD
    • Lexan clear guard
    • $25.00 USD


  • Lynx DecalsContrasting side decals can complete the OEM look of your Lynx                

  • HID modelsThe wiring harness on the HID versions incorporates two separately fused electrical feeds. One is switched with the ignition, the other direct battery power and we offer two power sockets which are both plug n play with the harness.

    • Twin USB Charging socket  
    • $29.00 USD
    • DIN (BMW Style) socket
    • $18.00 USD
    • 12V (Cigarette Style) socket
    • $18.00 USD