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Lynx composite fairings are designed to upgrade your adventure by solving the three key issues with dual sport bikes: lack of wind management & protection, sub-standard stock lighting, and no good spot for nav units, charging, and other devices riders need in their view.  Lightweight, strong, and configurable – let Lynx lead your next adventure!

Dual Sport motorcycles have always suffered from a lack of ‘real world’ lighting.  Thats no longer an issue thanks to the Lynx highly efficient and powerful LED lights!  Two version are available, Standard and High Output – and both are a massive upgrade over stock.  Every Lynx also features our unique low beam operation that combines a DOT LED low beam, with a dimmer on the high beam.  So when the low beam is selected, you also get the high beam at around 15% – improving visibility to other traffic and providing additional light during low beam riding.  When high beam is selected both lights operate at 100%.  Both options include our plug and play harness for easy installation to your bikes stock headlight connector.

Why Choose Lynx?


Every Lynx fairing is made from a super strong, lightweight composite that is backed by a rigid aluminum frame.  The only dual sport fairing with an adjustable windscreen – the Lynx allows riders to raise the screen for those highway stretches, and lower it back down for the trails (or anywhere in between) with easy adjustment knobs.  Sport and touring screens available.

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Ever ride at night and wish your stock headlight didn’t suck?  Lynx uses a high quality Hella low beam lamp with an upgraded high output LED bulb, and your choice of a Baja Squadron Sport or high output Squadron Pro for the high beam – a vast improvement over stock!

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The Lynx configurable dash compliments your speedo and provides extra space for GPS, phone, charging ports and more!  Made from reinforced ABS, the dash is super strong, yet easy to drill and modify to suit your ride.  Optional fused wiring harness mounts on the back, providing 3 switched and 1 unswitched power connections for your accessories.

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Configure your Lynx Fairing

Select your bike model to begin configuring your Lynx Fairing

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Install a set of Lynx fairing graphics to complement your bike.  Available in all popular colors, these 7 piece graphic sets are a tough 20 mil vinyl that has a specially formulated adhesive designed to stick to the Lynx composite fairing.  Easy to apply and they won’t blow off with the power washer.


Lynx is also the only dual sport fairing with a height-adjustable windscreen.  Easy to set at your height for riding on the road, but quick to retract out of the way for the trails.


The Sport screen is our standard screen, and most suitable for a variety of riding conditions.  This screen in the raised position will decrease wind on your chest at highway speeds, and is vastly better than riding the bike on the road with no screen at all. The sport is also much more compact for off-road riding since it retracts down to just above the fairing, making it less vulnerable to breakage (while protecting your GPS).  Available in clear only.


Designed for riders who spend a decent amount of their riding on the pavement at speed, the Adventure screen offers significantly more wind and weather protection.  It is modeled after the shape of the Sport, but is taller and wider to help reduce wind and fatigue.  The Adventure screen also retracts down out of the way for off road riding and is a perfect all around choice when you have to ride some distance to get to the trails.  Available in clear only.

Variable Angle GPS Mount
Variable Angle GPS Mount

It has always been a feature of the Lynx series fairings to be able to mount a GPS on the dashboard for a neat, protected mounting location. However, while this works well for many riders, other riders prefer a location that is higher in the line of sight and easier to see when standing on the pegs.

This new, variable angle GPS mount not only has the benefit of mounting much higher on the dashboard, but it’s also easy to change the angle on the fly with a gloved hand.  The slotted AMPS hole pattern fits all Garmin GPS and many others.  Constructed from billet aluminum – strong and light.

Dash Wiring Harness Rear
Fuse Box and Wiring Kit

Use our 4 position Fuse Box and Wiring harness to power all of your devices and accessories from a single point without splicing into your OEM wiring.  Complete with built-in relay, adding this system provides 3 switched outlets that are on when the bike is on – plus one unswitched outlet that is live when the bike is off (be careful with this one!)

Fuse Box is marine-grade and sealed against water and dust and is easily mounted to the backside of the dash, protected by the fairing.  If you need more outlets and your bike’s electrical system can support them, simply use double terminal adaptors to power two devices from one fuse – for up to 8 total.

Powered Accessories

These handy accessories power the devices that keep us on the go and charge the ones we need later.  Rugged, waterproof, marine-grade sockets feature tight caps and are ideal for the harsh environments we ride in.  Available with lighted dual USB (with a magnetic cap to turn off any power draw when not in use), single DIN, and 12 volt (this one is good for the unswitched outlet on the wiring harness to run your portable compressor when parked).

NEW Voltmeter provides real-time battery status and is easy to read in direct sunlight.

NEW Temperature Gauge provides real-time outdoor temperature using the built in probe.  Available in either Celsius or Fahrenheit scale.


Volt Meter


Temperature Gauge

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