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Africa Twin Screen System

The AT adjustable Screen System is designed to provide improved airflow for all rider heights and the ability to slide the screen down completely is particularly aimed at off road riders who do not want a taller screen impeding their vision or it’s susceptibility to damage.

Once more we have used our tried and tested sliding screen system used on all of our fairings giving a full 9” of height range. The Standard screen option will suit riders up to 6’ whilst being able to slide down to 2” below the height of the OEM screen for off road use. There is a taller screen option for riders up to 6’4”.

starting at $349 CAD

At the heart of the assembly is a very strong and durable composite central panel finished in Black which bolts straight on to the OEM screen mounting holes and provides the solid structure for the screen mounts. A simple but very rugged assembly that is designed to take the worst of off road adventure riding.

Although the components of the system are very strong, the OEM screen mounting frame is notoriously weak and susceptible to bending or breaking off road, particularly if a GPS is also mounted on the OEM frame. Whilst the AT screen does not increase the strain on the OEM frame, we strongly recommend that the excellent Camel screen brace is fitted by anyone planning extensive off road use.

To facilitate this, we also offer this brace as an option on the order form.

Screen Dimensions

Standard screen

Screen at Full Height     =    5” (127mm)  taller than OEM screen

Screen – Fully lowered  =    2” (50mm)  shorter than OEM screen

Screen width = 2” (50mm) wider than OEM

Tall Screen

Screen at Full Height =  9” (228mm) taller than Standard OEM screen

Screen fully lowered =  2″ (50mm) taller than Standard OEM screen

Screen width = 2” (50mm) wider than OEM screen

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