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Lynx Series Fairings

Lynx R Fairing

Lynx R

$795 CAD
High Output option
$920 CAD

Lynx S

Lynx S

$795 CAD
High Output option
$920 CAD

lynx rs

Lynx RS

$935 CAD
High Output option
Not applicable

The Lynx R, Lynx S and Lynx RS adventure fairings are the latest versions of our poplular Lynx series steering based fairings aimed at smaller to medium sized motorcycles.  They share the same design brief to provide a cockpit system to match or exceed the features normally found on much larger motorcycles, whilst maintaining the benefits and versatility of the much smaller machines now favoured by many adventure riders.

At the heart of the design is a strong and rugged fairing shell, which is not just the outer bodywork of the fairing, but also a major structural part of the assembly, allowing significant savings in weight and complexity.

Which Lynx is for you?

Lynx fairings are identical in function and share most of the same options, differing only in design style and lighting.  So to start you will want to decide which style you prefer and then decide what level of lighting you wish to have.

Smart Lights

Small motorcycles have always suffered from a lack of ‘real world’ lighting often as a result of having low output electrical power. However, this is not the case with the Lynx and we have further enhanced the lighting function by introducing a dimmer to the High Beam lamp. This means that when switched to low beam, not only is the low beam lamp on, but the High Beam lamp is also lit to 20% of full power. This significantly improves the motorcycles visibility to other traffic in the daytime and also contributes further light at night during low beam operation. When the High beam is switched, the powerful High beam lamp returns to full power.  On the Lynx RS both high beam lamps operate this way and all Lynx fairing kits include a wiring harness which is "plug-n-play" with your motorcycles OEM headlight wiring.

Want even more light !

Clearly the 3 lamp Lynx RS produces the most light which is a whopping 9500 lumens of light that can make night riding more safe and fun, particularly off road.  But if you want more light from the 2 lamp Lynx S or Lynx R then you can choose the High Output option which will produce nearly as much light as the Lynx RS.

Adjustable slide down screen

The Lynx fairing uses our unique sliding screen system that allows the screen to be adjusted to suit various riding conditions and retracts out of the way for off road riding.
There are two different screens available, a larger Touring screen and a smaller Sports screen aimed at different riding styles and conditions.

Touring screen

Designed to offer significant wind and weather protection and retracts down out of the way for off road riding but is aimed at riders who spend a considerable amount of their riding on the pavement at speed.

Sports Screen

Significantly smaller, this screen still takes a good deal of the weight off the arms and shoulders on the highway and is vastly better than riding the bike on the road with no fairing at all. This screen is much more compact for off road riding and less vulnerable to breakage as well as being significantly lighter.


Each Lynx kit includes a choice of either Sports or Touring screen. However many will use their motorcycles across a range of different conditions, or owners may be unsure which screen is best for them. For this reason, we are offering a special discounted price at the point of ordering to have both screens.

Both screen option + $35 CAD

Instrument Dashboard

The dashboard functions as both a display area and as a structural brace for the fairing. It has sufficient area to accommodate the OEM instruments and additional items like a GPS.

Finish the Look

Each Fairing kit includes a variety of decal styles, so you can create your own unique design to suit your own look.

Optional Black Headlight Surround (Lynx R only)

Adding this feature creates a different look to the fairing by highlighting the shape of the headlight surround and complimenting the decals included with the kit.

Price - $24 CAD

Optional Headlight Grill (Lynx S only)

The Lynx headlights are very resistant to stone damage but this grill offers further protection whilst also enhancing the look of the Lynx S.

Price - $49 CAD

Optional Variable angle GPS mount

It has always been a feature of the Lynx series fairings to be able to mount a GPS on the dashboard for a neat, protected mounting location. However, whilst this works well for riders sat down on the highway, it is not as easily visible when stood on the pegs, off road. Furthermore, the GPS uses a large area of the dashboard and can often leave very little room for other switches and instruments on the face of the dashboard. This new, variable angle GPS mount has the benefit of mounting much higher on the dashboard which not only brings the GPS into the riders’ eye line when stood, but releases a lot more space on the dashboard for other items. Changing the angle is ‘tool less’ and easily done on the fly.

Price - $59 CAD

GPS mount
GPS mount
Optional Cockpit Accessories

A complete range of power sockets and gauges enable you to fully complete the Lynx cockpit for your adventure motorcycle. All of these items are Marine Grade to handle the environment your motorcycle is likely to face.

At the centre of this system is a new 4 position fuse box which comes complete with a wiring harness and Relay to power the fuse box from the battery. This allows all cockpit accessories, whether obtained from us or not, to be powered from one central point and makes a very neat and tidy installation without splicing into the motorcycles OEM wiring. 3 of the fuse box terminals are activated when the ignition is switched on and one of the terminals is live at all times for powering items when the bike is switched off if required.

The Fuse box can be easily expanded using double terminal adapters to power two items from one fuse to extend the fuse box to 8 terminals.

Fuse Box 2
Fuse Box 1

Fuse Box & Wiring Harness Kit - $66 CAD

All of our power sockets and gauges use the same 1-1/8th sized hole to make the installation easier and for a neat look and each comes with the wiring to make a complete plug ‘n play installation with the fuse box.

Volt and Temp gauge
Lynx 690-19 dashboard
Volt Meter

This voltmeter is an effective and economical way for your to keep an eye on your battery.  In addition, it will indicate whether you are pulling more from the battery than you should if the voltage drops below 12.5 volts.  Very useful if you are exceeding your electrical power output.

$35 CAD

Air Temperature Gauge

$29 CAD

Power Sockets

Where would we be these days without our electronic gadgets and if you are away overnight, you’ll need to be re charging them. These very rugged and fully waterproof sockets are ideal for the harsh weather environment encountered with dual sport motorcycles.


4 amp USB - $39 CAD

12v - $24 CAD

DIN - $16 CAD

Lynx Fairings Fitted to the Honda CRF 250 L

New for 2016, this Lynx model can help turn your CRF 250L into a true adventure motorcycle !

Fitting is very straightforward with a purpose designed dashboard shrouding the OEM speedo and ignition switch, so it’s a quick fit leaving you to just fit any further instruments you may wish to add.

The OEM indicators are relocated onto the Lynx dashboard, but we recommend this as an opportunity to fit some smaller LED items.

The OEM front fender looks very stylish with the Lynx, but it does require some modification to fit. Whilst straightforward, some owners may wish to fit an aftermarket front fender instead.

As with all Lynx kits, ample room has been left for the owner to install a GPS unit above the OEM instruments along with any other switches and sockets etc.

Installation time will vary depending on the complexity of the owner’s dashboard layout, but at least 3 hours should be allowed to complete the process. Owners are also encouraged to inspect the installation instructions before ordering.

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