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Lynx Fairing for Husqvarna 701

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New for 2016, the 701 is the ideal bike for the Lynx fairing, transforming it into into a true long distance adventure machine.

Most of the installation work is focused on the relocation of the OEM instruments onto the Lynx dashboard although the ignition remains in the OEM position and the fairing does not affect the fitting of a steering dampener.

We have concentrated on making the transfer of the OEM instruments easier by pre cutting the dashboard to accommodate the ABS light and also the 3 indicator lights.

However, we have not pre cut the speedo mounting holes on the dashboard to allow owners to position the speedo where they want and to fit an aftermarket digital speedo if they wish to.

There is no cutting or alteration to the OEM parts and the OEM wiring, indicators and backing shield remain in place.
Installation time will vary depending on the complexity of the owner’s dashboard layout, but at least 4 hours should be allowed to complete the process. Owners are also encouraged to inspect the installation instructions before ordering.

Owners should note that this Lynx R fitting kit is designed to be fitted onto the OEM forks and triple clamps and is compatible with aftermarket gas tanks and Handguards.

Prices shown are in Canadian dollars

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