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We ride just like you.  And just like you we want the best gear and the best experience.  We are dedicated to upgrading your adventure, and we love what we do.

Britannia Composites was started in 2008 by our founder Ian, a rider in search of a better fairing.  When he discovered there was nothing available to do what he needed, he got to work designing a new fairing system using lightweight composite – and the Lynx was born.

Owners Matt and Mark acquired the business in 2022, and are working closely with Ian to honor the Lynx legacy while continuing to improve the products and rider experience.  When we are not building fairings, you can find us riding in the PA woods, or on a BDR.

Ian is still very much involved with the business, and when he’s not spending his time on product development and helping customers, you can find him riding anywhere between vancouver and colorado – or upgrading his latest bike (this time it’s a bottom to top DR650 build).  

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