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Lynx R, Lynx RS, and Lynx S

The Lynx R features two LED headlights mounted in a vertical alignment.  The Lynx RS features two LED high beam lamps side by side above a single LED low beam lamp.  The Lynx S features two LED headlights mounted in a horizontal alignment and was discontinued in 2022.  All three models share the same parts (with the exception of the Lynx S Headlight Grill).

Original Lynx Fairing

The original Lynx fairing was manufactured from 2008 to 2014.  There were a number of minor changes throughout this time, but all major components remained the same and all variations were fitted with twin (side by side) Hella 90mm lamps.  We do not carry specific parts for this fairing anymore, however replacement windscreens, screen adjusters and dashboards from current Lynx fairings will all fit.  The windscreen replacements from the Lynx fairings are not exactly the same as the original shape.

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