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Graphics Kit

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Install a set of Lynx fairing graphics to complement your bike. Available in all popular colors, these 7 piece graphic sets are a tough 20 mil vinyl that has a specially formulated adhesive designed to stick to plastic. Easy to apply and they won’t blow off with normal power washing (unless you’re trying to remove them!). Only available for the R model fairings at this time.

Graphics Kits are available for all Model R fairings - in all the popular color combos, plus a couple Gray variants. These 7 piece kits are a robust 20 mil vinyl and easy to apply:

  • They are best applied in a warm environment of around 70f (15c).
  • Clean the fairing with a degreaser agent, and then make sure the surface is completely dry.
  • Apply the decals. If there are any air bubbles, carefully peel the section up and try again. You can use a credit card or other plastic to help smooth them out as well - just be careful not to stretch the graphic. A hair dryer or low powered heat gun can be used to help smooth out any bubbles - it’s also a good idea to hit the graphics with some mild heat to harden and seal them when everything is complete (not too hot or too long!)
  • For several hours after installation, keep your bike in the same warm temperature you applied them in.

Wait at least 24 hours before riding to make sure proper bonding is achieved.

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