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lynx model comparison

Small motorcycles have always suffered from a lack of ‘real world’ lighting – often as a result of having low output electrical power. However, this is not the case with the Lynx due to our high-efficiency LED bulbs.  We have further enhanced the lighting function by introducing a dimmer to the High Beam lamp. This means that when switched to low beam, not only is the low beam lamp on but the High Beam lamp is also lit to 20% of full power. This significantly improves the motorcycle’s visibility to other traffic in the daytime and also contributes additional light at night during low-beam operation. When the High beam is switched, the powerful High beam lamp returns to full power.  On the Lynx RS both high beam lamps operate this way and all Lynx fairing kits include a wiring harness which is “plug-n-play” with your motorcycle’s OEM headlight wiring.

Lynx fairings are identical in function and share the same options.  The only difference between the RS and R models is in the design style and lighting.  Available in black or white.

R BK Side

Model R

The R uses either a Squadron Sport or a high-output Squadron Pro for the high beam. The high beam from the Squadron Pro projects farther than the RS, that nearly matches the RS performance
Standard Version: Current Draw = 68 watts/ 4.7 amps
High Output Version: Current Draw = 79 watts/ 5.5 amps

RS BK Red Side

Model RS

The RS uses 2 Squadron Sport lamps, providing a wider spread high beam plus a bit more light for the low beam – at the expense of greater weight and a current higher draw.  Low beam is a Hella lamp with an upgraded LED bulb.
Current Draw = 98 watts, 6.9 amps

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