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Lightweight, Stong, and Versatile

At the heart of the Lynx design is a strong and rugged fairing shell, which is not just the outer bodywork of the fairing, but also a major structural part of the assembly – providing significant savings in weight and complexity.

The only dual sport fairing made from composite, backed by an aluminum frame and tied in with a one-piece ABS dash, it is strong enough to survive a crash, but light enough so you won’t feel it on the front of the bike.

Lynx is also the only dual sport fairing with a height-adjustable windscreen. Easy to set at your height for those miles on the slab, but quick to retract out of the way for the trails.


The Sport screen is our standard screen, and most suitable for a variety of riding conditions. This screen in the raised position will decrease wind on your chest at highway speeds, and is vastly better than riding the bike on the road with no fairing at all. This screen is also much more compact for off road riding and retracts down to just above the fairing, making it less vulnerable to breakage. Available in clear only.


Designed for riders who spend a considerable amount of their riding on the pavement at speed, the touring screen offers significant wind and weather protection. It is taller than the sport screen (by 1.75”/4.5cm) but much wider at the top (by 3.875”/9.9cm) to help reduce wind and fatigue, but also retracts down out of the way for off road riding. Available clear or smoked.

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