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LED Smart Lights - Up to 3X Output Compared to Stock

Small motorcycles have always suffered from a lack of ‘real world’ lighting – often as a result of having low output electrical power.  We’ve solved this with Lynx by using high-efficiency LED’s controlled by our proprietary smart dimming harness.  When your lights are switched to low beam, not only is the low beam lamp on but the high beam lamp is also lit to 15% of full power.  This significantly improves the motorcycle’s visibility to other traffic in the daytime and also contributes further light at night during low-beam operation. When the high beam is switched, the powerful Baja Squadron lamp returns to full power.  All Lynx fairing kits include a wiring harness which is “plug-n-play” with your motorcycle’s OEM headlight wiring.

  • Low Beam: 4800 lumens, 38 watts, 2.5 amps DOT.
  • High beam, Sport (standard): 3150 lumens, 26 watts, 2 amps
  • High beam, Pro (high output): 4095 lumens, 40 watts, 2.9 amps
Low Beam
High Beam
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